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Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

My newest hair routine

This is my newest hair routine for those days I'm actually doing something other than gaming or going to school. And since hair and haircare is a topic that often comes up in the foreigner comminuty in South Korea, I decided to finally share my own tips. Since I at least personally, think my hair looks pretty awesome (after this winter where I've had colors that bleached my hair, a lot of times, my hairdresser thinks otherwise, but hey, I'm getting a free hair care package next time!).
And my blog and instagram are super tiny, so don't worry. This isn't sponsored by anyone! but I'd still like to introduce you to my new products. My lovely GA.MA flat iron broke down, after several years of use (by ME at that, so I've dropped it probably a couple of times and stressed-pulled out the plug a lot, my dad who gave it to me was not very happy about that since tht might have been what broke it...).
I managed to place the order when there was an event, a free Boar bristle brush and a comb as well! Most of the time, this is my strong point. Getting extra stuff for free. And right now, it seems as if they have even more stuff for free, yay! Good thing I don't need those things, or I'd be upset. I'm using a clip to lift my hair I got in the store I used to work in. A lot of women complained that it always broke. Mine have been going for 5 years now... Oh well. Here's the link! (opens in a new window)
The flat iron comes with a plastic cover, don't throw it away, you can put the flat iron in it when you're done using it, so you can put it away before it has gone cold again. 
The touch on does not have any on and off switch button, but it turns on when you clamp it together. Then you clamp it together (fast!) 2 times for 160 degrees, and 3 times for 185 degrees. This heat is good for finer hair. Although my hair isn't thin, you should always do the hair part-by-part. 
Next we have the boar brittle brush, it says it's ionic and ceramic, and on the end of the handle there is an opening so the air flows out there (I think.). This one makes the hair all nice and soft when you handle it. I liked it, a lot!
Next up we have the 100% tree brush. You need to be weary when buying brushes that are advertised as tree brushes, most of the time it's not on the peggs, and what good does it do then? Wooden peggs are good because it distributes the sebum (fat) across the hair, like a natural conditioner. I brush my hair with this (from the neck, and also from the front) every night before I go to bed. My sister says you should do 100 strokes. But I do it until I feel it's enough while I'm watching dramas. 
Next, I'm just gonna add a picture of how it looked before and after I used it, just after I have used the  Clairol silver shampoo (it dries out my hair to pieces):
So, let's start from the beginning, shall we? Getting out of the shower:
Now, since my hair has been through at least 6 bleaching sessions this fall, it's dry as hell, I collected some split ends. If I don't brush my hair directly after I come out from the shower, it will be a mess I can never ever sort out! So, I use, the tangleteezer (not-brand version often called detangler, works most of the time as well, but this one is a bit heavier, and sturdier I think I can recall from trying the cheaper version a couple of times). 
Tadaa, from hanging in one big lump, it actually resembles hair! 
Next up, this is the new product they started selling at Olive Young, I remembered that John Frieda had the best silver shampoo that I used in 2010, after recommendations from my hairstylist. 
Second, this is the blow dryer I use, from Sweden and a nordic company. 
I've used it for several years and I'm super happy with it, it has both a hot and cold air function, and I can dry my hair completely with the cold functioning, saving it from damage. However, in all the pictures here I used the hot air, well, after I used cold air first (waste none)
Aaaaand, this is how it looked with the use of the boar bristle brush as well, now you can't see this, but my hair felt soft as silk almost. 
After blow drying I use the Tony&Guy Heat mist protection that I always use before I flat iron it!
Then I started with curls, and I was so surprised over hos soft and pretty they were that I had to stop and take a pic. 
After styling it, when I do my hair flat I ALWAYS use this (also when I've only used cold air), this is my favorite hair product ever, I've been using it for several years (not in 1 one year though since I couldn't find it in Korea at first). Personally I prefer to only use Matrix products, but it's just not possible here because of the price range. 
And then, a few days after (and then also longer since I used my silver shampoo) I did it straight. So here is the final results! When I do curls I keep them all day by using Gatsby super hard- set &keep spray. I also use it on my bangs so they don't start to curl or so. 
And one week after this, I went and got a haircut to get rid of the split ends, but no picture on that here, might have one on my instagram @telomin.
Thanks for reading, let me know if there's anything else you're interested in knowing. I also have a "how I do my nails" post, here (not yet translated into English) !
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