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Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

QA about the scholarship in Korea.

On Instagram and in Facebook there are people who frequently ask us,  the KGSP students about how to get the scholarship,  what the scholarship is about,  how to maximize the chances of getting it etc. I'm currently taking an intensive course in Korean (one year studies, in Korea) and then I will study Sociology at Seoul National University for two years.
So here are my answers:
Q: How do you get information about the scholarship? How do I find scholarships? 
A:  If you want to become a scholarship student you really should be able to find scholarships yourself. See this as the first trial if you are fit for a scholarship.
Q: What is your scholarship? 
A: I probably tagged #kgsp where you found my picture/post, try googleling it? You'll find the info. Well, unless you really suck at googleing stuff. 
Q: What do I need to have/be to get a scholarship? 
A: A good student,  a clever person. Determination, willpower and don't even think about applying to a scholarship because you want free money and play around. It is not what they are for. 

Q: How to I increase my chances of getting the scholarship 
A: No shortcuts allowed ;)
Q:How it the competitors /competition? 
A:Depends on your country,  your home University, and what your major is. 
Q: How is your CV?
A: My application was very strong. Although not graduated from a top University, Lund University is still QS world ranking 70, 2015. I studied Academic English at Malmö University for one semester (not that it really improved my English, but during the interview for the scholarship the professors especially noticed my English skills and said they would therefor recommend SNU to accept me, the second reason was my letter of recommendation from a famous Korean Sociology Professor, who I have a deep respect for and look up to), I also studied Sociology at Master Level for one semester at Beijing University (QS world ranking 41, 2015). From Beijing University I recieved top grades, and I also recieved 2 letters of recommendations from Senior Professors. The third letter of recommendation I recieved from my bachelor thesis supervisor, also a Senior Professor.
And here's a piece of advice: Asking strangers instead of searching for the information on reliable sources is definitely not the way to go if you want to become a good scholar.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments field.
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