Telomin's life in Korea

Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

( warning for disgusting pictures,!) I'm never ever gonna share a room with a Korean again.

And the reason is very simple. I've been traumatized by the extreme unhygienic last Korean room mate I had. I even had a bad experience before that too. 
I feel the need to post this,  because a lot of people have questioned me,  maybe I am just overly sensitive,  maybe I exaggerated everything I said? I'm very offended when people question me. So here is the proof. 
She left a used menstruation pad just like that! On top of the toilet. We!  She wasn't at home when I came home and found it. The  she came home several hours later,  and didn't throw it out until several hours since she came come. Disgusting! 
She always left a big,  smelly mess every single day! And only "cleaned" two hours before roll call every month. Who can seriously live like that?
She ate really smelling noodles,  then she flushed down the sauce in the toilet. Making some weird colors around the water edge. Which she never ever cleaned. Eventually I had to clean the toilet when I couldn't take it anymore. 
Then she never,  ever,  ever dusted. Which makes my nose clogged But no way I'm dusting her space. 
And that's not even it! 
She always left stuff that I have almost phobias for everywhere. Public hair (I've heard most Korean girls fix their private areas. Well. Apparently not this one). And blood stains. She even said during the meeting,  on which we had to change. Room mates "should I have to look at the toilet every time I use it" 
The final picture I will post is so you can see my side,  and her side of the beds. 

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