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Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

My new updateable(!!) shoes, miband 1s and my best gadgets!

I just (finally)  got my new shoes! I can pair them with my mifit, which I've also paired with my miband and miscale Xiaomi is by far my favorite brand! 
The mifit app is a perfect,  easy to understand app that works with the Xiaomi health products. Which I bought after I bought my Xiaomi phone. 
I've used the Xiaomi band every day, now I even upgraded it to the awesome miband 1s! I wear it with everything anything and nothing. I don't need to take it off even for a shower! I have my mom my old miband, and she really loves it too. It's actually one of the very few things, seeing the stats of how little she slept, that makes her go back to bed (otherwise she is just running around doing everything and nothing).
It tracks my walking distance,  burned calories and also tracks my sleep! Which makes me able to see the correlation between food (by memory) walking and sleep. The miband 1s even monitors the heart rate!
(You can buy it here: <- This is the site where I got all my original xiaomi stuff from after I left Beijing!)
I think I need to look up why my heart rate is so high early in the mornings though....
Then, the history record of my walks. You can even set the miband 1s to warn you if your hate rate gets too high! It considers your age for this future, so keep it honest you guys! Did I tell you that the shoes are super comfy too?
( Once again now you're convinced that you must have it ;) :You can buy it here: <- This is the site where I got all my original xiaomi stuff from after I left Beijing!
 I also have the mipad with the cutest hello kitty cover! I love the mipad because with kindle and Google books can buy and read many books,  without making my future suitcases heavier (since I know I will travel,  and move,  a lot) Within.. Just a few weeks I've read more then ten books on it! 
And you guys, I even got a special offer for you! Add this coupon when you want to buy the Xiaomi redmi note 3 and you will get a dicount (unless they already have one, they are pretty generous with discounts :)): Redminote3gold32 (valid until 23th Jan 2016)
You can order it HERE:
The scale is also very stylish and updates directly to my mifit app. 
For those interested you can buy original Xiaomi products at  after I left China this is from where I have got my products! :)  
The app has more amazing details from the miband,  just check it out on your app store. 
Vill ni ha all text på svenska också så kommentera er önskan!
Hoppas alla har det bra!
Have a nice day!

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