Telomin's life in Korea

Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

Living alone in Chuncheon. A one room apartment!

A lot of people has asked me about my room
So I will do a short update here. I finally get to live by myself. I had to fight hard for it,  although I believe it should have been the first thing they should have offered. A lot of people had it a lot easier to get to move out. You're lucky you guys. Let's enjoy a free life in Korea! 
My deposit was one million won,  which is considered very cheap here. In Swedish money it's about 8.000kr. The rent is 26 man won. In Swedish it's about 2300kr.  Everything is included. Heating, water etc. The building has only two floors and each floor has a washing machine and a pure water machines in a small room
I love living by myself. I've lived with friends, one boyfriend,  a whole family,  with my mom, and sis sometimes ,  with my dad and sis with myself and cat,  and now,  fully alone. I kinda want a pet. There are super cute small...mouses I could buy. I'm currently thinking about it. Although it's nice to only have to worry about myself. 
I was mostly worried about being able to fit all my clothes here. But I managed. I don't have much room for new clothes though. So these will have to do for now. 
I also love the ability to make my own food. And today I did one of my favorites,  with less of the ingredients. Pad Thai,  the Nina,  absolutely not spices version. 
I'm still not fully satisfied with my home decorations. But I have a few more plans. It will be perfect once I'm finished! 
Take care you all! I hope all of you who wants your own room will get it. Otherwise do as my kgsp friend did at their school,  they signed a petition to move out,  so their school had to let them. 
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