Telomin's life in Korea

Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

Eats in Copenhagen- Baresso, Tight.

Since we, my boyfriend and I, had to pass through Copenhagen on the way home we thought we might as well stay there for the day. Which resulted in 0 shopping and some eating. Or a lot, depends on how you define it. 
First we had a croissant and I had a latte at Baresso, it seems like the equivalent to Starbucks, or Espresso House (in sweden). The croissant wasn't very good, but all the bakeries were crowded and we were really tired since we had gotten up at 04 in the morning to catch trains and a flight. So we sat here for a while just chillin.
Lunch was at Letz Sushi around Norreport. Since we were there at lunch time we chose the "chef's choice", and we were happy to find no nigiri with this choice. I would love to try the more fancy sushi-pieces, but that will have to wait until another day. 
For me, ice cream is a "MUST" when visiting Denmark. But since I found out I'm lactose intolerant I've been trying to stay with Sorbet, and I was happy to find a place that had like 7 different kids of sorbet! We had like: stawberry, wildberry, lemon and mango. My favorites were wildberry, lemon and mango. 
I really wanted to have "röda pölser" in Copenhagen in a restaurante, with fries to it. But maybe they only have that in BAKKEN. But after a while of walking around we finally found "TIGHT", and wow, I REALLY recommend this place. This is their burger, do you SEE the bread?! And then potatoes fried in garlic, along with that was aioli, and to my big surprise the aioli had saffron taste! I had white wine with this with suited really well (at least that's what I think). This place has an Australian-feel to it and it seems like those who work there are all Australians so it's easy to order since they understand English (that doesn't always happen in Denmark). So the next time you visit copenhagen- go HERE, you will not be disappointed. They were super friendly too, 

Other "eats" in Berlin : Curry36, Frau Honig, McCafé

Just a visit to McCafe for some cold drinks, because Starbucks had run out on Ice or something. I had a caramel frappe, my boyfriend had a Chai frappe. We wanted to taste the chai frappe because it was new, but it was SUPER spicy. I don't know what it is with german and super spicy things, but I could hardly drink it. 
Breakfast at Frau Honig, at Straßmannstraße 1 10249 Berlin
Every day we tried to get out in the city earlier than the day before, so when the breakfast we ordered took a while we started to get a liiittle frustrated. But when it came out it was SO worth it! I guess everything was freshly made (well atleast the fruits). But it was super tasty, it was super fresh, and you got a LOT too. They even played one of my absolute favorite "cosy"-albums with Nouvelle Vague, LOVE this place. I strongly recommend it. The guy who worked there was really friendly too and helpful!
Currywurst at Curry36, Berlin. I can't really remember the name of the neighboorhood, but it was the one with toooons of sushi places and vietnam restaurantes (and the nice area, not the one that is just weird). Well, lucikly I didn't want a wurst myself, just the fries, with the mayo. I just tried one piece of the wurt and it was NOT GOOD. I don't know how it can be so popular. No, my kind of wurst is the Danish "röda pölser". The fries was super delicious, I wish that Shiso Burger would have had this kind of fries instead of theirs (then their food would have been muuuch better). 

Food Review: Shiso Burger. Berlin - Auguststrasse

Okay so the adress for this place is: Auguststr. 29 C 
Shiso Burger was the first place my sister recommended me. But it seems like the staff had a bad day. Me and my boyfriend was standing outside the restaurante about 17-ish, and were thinking if we wanted to eat there or not, At 17.15 a guy came out and asked us if we wanted to eat there or not, we saw that they had lunch offers that ended at 17.00, we asked if we could get it to that price anyways (since we just missed it), the answer is "no, we can't do that". Not even an apologetic face to those words. But since we were super hungry we decided to eat there anyways. 
I ordered the salmon burger ('cause I don't think I've had salmon burger ever before) and then we both ordered the home-made fries. Not looking too good, and not tasting too good- we still ate the home made fries, they kinda made me miss my bf's home made fries. But "I could just as well had eaten this at home" is not what you want to think for something you have to pay 7.5 Euro for. 
To drink with this I had the lychee limo- it was good and I love the lychee in it. My bf took the.. I'm not really sure what actually, but it tasted OK. I prefer my dricks without tiny lumps in it. But it had a very fresh mint flavour. 
Not too happy with the meal we were pleasently surprised that, because of their computer hadn't been set to the right clock hour, we still only paid the lunch prices(it was a girl who stood in the counter, not the young guy who had denied our simple request). Well, it suits them right for not being service minded! 

Food review: Asia Box, Berlin- forgot exactly where

Okay, so in Sweden we have like "China box", the only easter asian fast food. Of course there are different owners and companies who runs them. But in my experience, they are practically the same. You can choose rice or noodles (I never chose them 'cause they don't taste good) and then there are some fried stuff you can have on, or like, curry-wok-things. I haven't eaten that in a while.
But in Berlin, while taking different Ubahn-trips in one station I found an Asia-box, where they sold bubble tea! Bubble tea is not common in Malmö and it has been on my "to try"-list for 1-2 years now. So I felt it was time. Since me and my bf haven't had breakfast by then either (even though we've been out and about for a while) we decided to try some foods there. 
So in our bubble tea we chose green tea as base and then this lychee "topping" (even though they were in the bottom). It tasted kinda.. weird, especially the lychee balls (I prefer real lychee), but still, it went down xD
Since this Asia box had a lot of things we don't have in China Box, I decided to try the Duck and noodles. I have no idea why they put roasted onion on top, I think that's a German thing, but I could eat that too. This Asia Box was like 100 times better than Swedish China Box. And besides, I love, love, love eating duck. The noodles were OK. 
I'll update this post when I can remember where I bought this (might be never). 

Restaurante review: Kimchi Princess, Berlin

So I LOVE korean dramaserier, I can easily lay in bed all day just watching korean drama series. Right before my Berlin trip I just finished watching two series: A little love never hurts and High Kick 3. Great series, but as always when I watch those I get lists of "what-to-try". On my list from watching several series was: Korean barbeque with beef ('cause in the korean series the "pork" version is "saving money"-version) and drinking Soju. My boyfriend really wanted to try "Galbi", korean spareribs. And so we did. We just happened to need to take two rounds at the restaurante on our short trip to be able to fit everything into the trip.
So, here is all the info you need to actually find the place. My sisters (yes both of them) had told me about this place and it's delicious food. Before I went to Berlin I actually found the menue ONLINE, which saved me from decision-anxiety while I was there haha. I had already decided what I wanted to eat beforehand, 
Korean side dishes! You get the rice in a bown and I had to remind my boyfriend that koreans eat the rice with a spoon, not the chop sticks. 
The second day I had this octopus- dish. it was delicious but SUPER spicy. I drank like 1 litre of cherry juice to it(and ofcourse ate a lot of rice), and I almost ordered more. 
The soju bottle, we slit it between us four who ate. Me, my bf, my sister and her bf. If I may say so myself, we all made perfect company. 
This is the beef barbeque, The difference from my series is that the waitress actually both flipped the meat and cut it, so we just had to wait until it was done and then we could eat from this... thingie. 
In the background you can see the Galbi (spare ribs), you can also see my cherry juice, yeah, I drank all of that myself. 
Kimchi princess was really good. And, when comapred to swedish restaurante prices, it was actually cheap. In German prices, it's a bit more expensive than a regular restaurante. 
If I lived in Berlin I would probably go here once in a while, maybe instead of having sushi sometimes. I recomment to visit the place, especially if you want to have a new eating-experience (and haven't eaten "korean style" before).
Take care!

Berlin in 2014

Okay so I had written a quite long post with great pictues and all. But then I accidently clicked somewhere else and everything disappeard. :/ So now I'm gonna write a shorter story.
For the first time I actually went by airplane to Berlin, and I went with my lovely boyfriend. The first day we just walked EVERYWHERE, and the other days we went by train, Ubahn and trams. I had a wonderful time there and I'm also gonna make short blogposts about the foods later. 
I took a photo, to see the clouds from above is quite awesome!
Berlin by night. 
A very happy "me" in Berlin. 
I wanted to show my bf the bombed church, but it seems like they are rebuilding it or something. Honna compare this pic to my old pics of it (I think I have some pics from 2005 or 2008 lying around here somewhere)
Just walked into a small alley to find ths beautiful place. Unfortunatly you can't eat ALL day so we didn't eat here, but next time...And yes, it's JUST because of the cosy looks.
Finally learned how to take panorama photos! (with my new camera)
Not only did I find 1, but 2 four leaf clovers in Berlin, I decided to take it as a sign of my good luck is gonna stay with me for a while :) (even though I'm quite happy with just getting home alive, oh yes, I'm really scared of flying in airplanes)
What I really like about Berlin is, amongst other things, the mix of old and new buildings. Old buildings are so beautiful, at the same time it doesn't feel like I get "stuck in history" because there's usually a new building next to it!
This was early, super early. But as usually, I loved Berlin! I'm happy that my bf also loved it, looks like we'll be visiting there more times! :)
Take care!