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Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

Thoughts about friends and "grown ups"

Here in Korea on the kgsp scholarship I've met a lot of people from all over the world. In the beginning it was a bit trial and error in trying to find out who you can be friends with. Some people just doesn't click, and that's totally fine. Some people you want to hang out with but never get  the chance /opportunity. And then ofc there are some people that are so entertaining that they're invited everywhere (unfortunately not me even though I personally think I'm pretty fun ;p).  And I have a few friends I want to tell some stories about. And this will be the first one (although it wasnt the first one in chronological order). 

There is one friend I have here, he is one of the older students (30+) and one of the funniest. The person who make everyone laugh. Well,  if they're good enough at English to understand his jokes. Because everyone has their own group of friends I don't get to talk too much with him. But he's very funny and interesting,  Let's call him J. 

So, I mostly walk around alone,  eat a lot of meals alone and study alone. Maybe it's a Swedish thing,  but mostly I can't stand hanging out with friends for several hours every day. However today I wanted to study in a group and asked some of my girlfriends (well.. 2..)if they wanted to study together,  but they were gonna study at their home. So I went to Starbucks alone,  and in walks J. The funny thing is,  I had run into J for the last 3 days,  me on my way home from having dinner, he on his way to dinner. But today, he also came to study at Starbucks. And we chatted a bit while he waited for his drink. Then I realized that friends often offer their friends to join them(something I tend to not think about since I'm kinda asocial at times), so I did invite him to my study table.


 But we didn't study so much,  mostly talked about world politics, economics, married life (his) relationship (mine) and had a lot of good laughs. And trust me,  in this stressful school life one really needs a good laugh now and then. And then we decided it was too late for studying and dinner time so we decided to go to a place then both have wanted to go to but you can't go alone too, a dak galbi restaurant that is. 
So to another thing, more about my weird thinking. I remember when I was about 18 and worked in a men's fashion store. I worked with some men that were then around his age. They had this, you know "adult"  aura. The one that makes you think if all adults are like that or there's just a certain kind of adult men that has that "really grown up aura". 

‌Actually,  I still haven't got it figured out 8 years later. But I do feel like J has this "super grown up aura", which makes me feel pretty grown up now since I actually have a friend that is like grown - up - up. And still I don't find him that "Old". And I figured that makes me a real grown up too,  even though I'm certain that people don't get that aura from me since even the 2-3 years younger girls think I'm younger then them. 

So,  a bit of my old - style blog post and also some every-day updates from Korea. What about this blog style? (asking for comments from my.. 2 blog readers and 3 occasional stalkers,  I know you're there). 
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