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Restaurante review: Kimchi Princess, Berlin

So I LOVE korean dramaserier, I can easily lay in bed all day just watching korean drama series. Right before my Berlin trip I just finished watching two series: A little love never hurts and High Kick 3. Great series, but as always when I watch those I get lists of "what-to-try". On my list from watching several series was: Korean barbeque with beef ('cause in the korean series the "pork" version is "saving money"-version) and drinking Soju. My boyfriend really wanted to try "Galbi", korean spareribs. And so we did. We just happened to need to take two rounds at the restaurante on our short trip to be able to fit everything into the trip.
So, here is all the info you need to actually find the place. My sisters (yes both of them) had told me about this place and it's delicious food. Before I went to Berlin I actually found the menue ONLINE, which saved me from decision-anxiety while I was there haha. I had already decided what I wanted to eat beforehand, 
Korean side dishes! You get the rice in a bown and I had to remind my boyfriend that koreans eat the rice with a spoon, not the chop sticks. 
The second day I had this octopus- dish. it was delicious but SUPER spicy. I drank like 1 litre of cherry juice to it(and ofcourse ate a lot of rice), and I almost ordered more. 
The soju bottle, we slit it between us four who ate. Me, my bf, my sister and her bf. If I may say so myself, we all made perfect company. 
This is the beef barbeque, The difference from my series is that the waitress actually both flipped the meat and cut it, so we just had to wait until it was done and then we could eat from this... thingie. 
In the background you can see the Galbi (spare ribs), you can also see my cherry juice, yeah, I drank all of that myself. 
Kimchi princess was really good. And, when comapred to swedish restaurante prices, it was actually cheap. In German prices, it's a bit more expensive than a regular restaurante. 
If I lived in Berlin I would probably go here once in a while, maybe instead of having sushi sometimes. I recomment to visit the place, especially if you want to have a new eating-experience (and haven't eaten "korean style" before).
Take care!
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