Telomin's life in Korea

Bor i Seoul, SydKorea. På min blogg kan ni få en inblick i hur livet är här. Will work on Swedish English translation to my blog post in late February during my winter vacation.

Berlin in 2014

Okay so I had written a quite long post with great pictues and all. But then I accidently clicked somewhere else and everything disappeard. :/ So now I'm gonna write a shorter story.
For the first time I actually went by airplane to Berlin, and I went with my lovely boyfriend. The first day we just walked EVERYWHERE, and the other days we went by train, Ubahn and trams. I had a wonderful time there and I'm also gonna make short blogposts about the foods later. 
I took a photo, to see the clouds from above is quite awesome!
Berlin by night. 
A very happy "me" in Berlin. 
I wanted to show my bf the bombed church, but it seems like they are rebuilding it or something. Honna compare this pic to my old pics of it (I think I have some pics from 2005 or 2008 lying around here somewhere)
Just walked into a small alley to find ths beautiful place. Unfortunatly you can't eat ALL day so we didn't eat here, but next time...And yes, it's JUST because of the cosy looks.
Finally learned how to take panorama photos! (with my new camera)
Not only did I find 1, but 2 four leaf clovers in Berlin, I decided to take it as a sign of my good luck is gonna stay with me for a while :) (even though I'm quite happy with just getting home alive, oh yes, I'm really scared of flying in airplanes)
What I really like about Berlin is, amongst other things, the mix of old and new buildings. Old buildings are so beautiful, at the same time it doesn't feel like I get "stuck in history" because there's usually a new building next to it!
This was early, super early. But as usually, I loved Berlin! I'm happy that my bf also loved it, looks like we'll be visiting there more times! :)
Take care!
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